Services/Work With Me

Coaching & Consulting

12 Weeks Marketing Accelerator Coaching

Are you a small business owner that needs help understanding how to leverage social media and PR marketing in order to create global online impact? With my 12 weeks program, we will work together to completely accelerate your business

One on One Consulting

Are you just getting started and want to know if I am a good fit for you? This service involves a one time consultation that covers business consulting, marketing consulting, nursing consulting and more. Schedule through the link below. 

Marketing Opportunities

Do you want to get in front of a large audience quickly? Or you looking for excellent designs? Then click below.

Social Media PR Package

Here’s what this includes:

  • 1 Instagram post or reel
  • 1 Instagram story
  • 1 Email blast
  • 1 Permanent spot on our Recommendations page


*Please contact us first if you are looking for UGC content with content rights

Graphic Design

Here’s what this includes:

  • We use your logo
  • 5 Instagram Portrait images
  • A canva template deliverable link
  • We create these designs for you and they will be delivered within 7-10 business days of your order.

Canva Templates Bundle

Want to completely DIY your social media marketing? Then click below to order my canva and marketing templates to start the entire process on your own!