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Lead Generation Marketing Strategies For Beginners

Need help with lead generation? Inside of this article you will learn very practical tips to show you how.

Looking for the best ways to get started with lead generation but you’re not sure how? Inside of this article, we will dive deep into the what lead generation is, how does it work, low cost yet effective strategies to generating new leads everyday and so much more.

What Is Lead Generation?

The definition of lead generation is “the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.”

Essentially this means having a process that helps you to gain interested potential buyers for products or services.

Now there’s more than one way to skin a cat.


Meaning that there’s more than one way to generate leads.

Oftentimes the problem that most entrepreneurs encounter with generating leads is that the process or action they are doing, does work but it takes a lot of time.

Or they are getting results but the leads are not converting because they’re unqualified.

Or the cost of getting the leads is more than the cost of the point of sale or the lifetime value. Meaning the leads cost is too expensive.

Sounds familiar? Which of these problems are you experiencing?

Or maybe you’re just not getting any leads at all.


Either way, it’s fixable.

Now there’s two main ways to grow your leads, organically or through paid advertising. I personally recommend a mixture of both but I have been able to generate almost 1,000 leads per month with organic traffic alone. Take a look at the picture below.

leads generation

This is from using a different array of organic strategies to generate lead opt ins everyday.

You can use organic methods to help you gradually grow organic leads daily. And then you can use advertising to put your lead generation process on automation or acceleration.

Generating leads through ads will always be faster, once you know what you’re doing, than organically.

Create a Lead Magnet

This is for both organic as well as paid advertising.

What is a lead magnet?

Lead Generation

A lead magnet are the fancy words for creating something quickly consumeable that has a lot of value to your ideal clients or customers.

One of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make online is one not having a strong lead magnet. Or creating a lead magnet that everyone wants and not their ideal customer which causes them to get a bunch of unqualified leads to their email list.

It would be like me telling you to give you your email address because you can access a coupon to win a free Amazon gift card. Well, I, and everyone else is going to give you their email address because the offer is not specific to one type of individual.

You want to instead create something that will appeal to your ideal client that can come in either a small ebook or video format.

For example let’s say you’re a real estate agent that wants to attract ready home buyers, then you want to create a lead magnet who are already in that state of mind.

You can create a lead magnet that may say something like, “10 Steps You Should Do Before You Buy Your First Home”.

You can convert this into a short PDF that is nicely designed with all your contact details and then people can give you their email address in exchange for the guide.

Here’s what the overall process looks like.

lead generation

If you need help with putting together a lead generation process, you can schedule a consultation here.

Leveraging SEO

Learning how to levearge SEO is another organic strategy that you can implement. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is where people discover your brand or business by searching through specific key words.

To leverage SEO organically, you can either use google through blogging or you can create YouTube videos or even podcasting.

The key is all about identifying what specific key words people are constantly typing in and then creating content in and include significant links to your website, lead magnets and/or products and services.

Google Keyword planner

A really great yet free tool you can use is Google keyword planner. All you need is a free Google account. You can use the keyword planner tool to find not only what these keywords are but also the search volume for each keyword which will tell you how popular the word is.

These are some of my simple strategies to lead generation marketing strategies. If you need more help with this, make sure to join my email list below to stay in the know.

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