How To Turn A Blog Into Passive Income

With so many uncertainties in the economy, now is the perfect time to really take creating passive income a much bigger priority. Inside of this post, you will learn how to turn a blog into passive income online

With so many uncertainties in the economy, now is the perfect time to really take creating passive income a much bigger priority. Understanding how to develop passive income does not have to be difficult, in fact there are THOUSANDS of ways to do it. Inside this article, I will discuss one of the easiest ways to do it while also making a big difference in the lives of so many people!


First let’s define what exactly is passive income.

Wikipedia defines passive income as this.

Passive income is unearned income that is acquired automatically with minimal labor to earn or maintain

Passive income is the reason why the rich are getting richer everyday without stressing about money like the average American.

Warren Buffet says, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

There you have it my friends, you got to figure out how to create passive income and do it ASAP.

Now what’s the easiest way to honestly do this?

Creating a blog.

Yup that it’s right there. In fact, my very first company started off completely through starting a simple blog.

I will walk you through how to set up your blog and then help you to better understand why it makes you any money.

The first thing is that you are giving value.

You are giving people valuable information that can improve their life in the form of a free reading material that can literally transform their life in any part of the world.

See when you create content, that is in fact valuable, whether it be on your personal Facebook wall, on your Instagram page or wherever, your reach of the amount of people who can see that post is incredibly limited.

Meaning that only your facebook friends can see what you posted or your Instagram followers can see your latest image but the organic visibility is so limited.

In addition to that, when you create that content, it only works for you ONE time. The time that you post it.

Versus over and over again with a blog.

There are literally blogs that I wrote in 2016, that is still getting me new leads today.

So the first step is providing strategic value through a blog.

Key word is strategic.

What is strategic value?

It’s value that has multiple strategies behind it that actually works and gets real results and speaks directly to your ideal clients and customers.

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Now you want to create a blog, great. What platform do you go about using to create this blog?

Well I know there’s so many others but honestly recommend using Bluehost. It’s the one that I have always used and will NEVER change.

Watch this YouTube video below if you want to better understand why I use Bluehost over any other platform.


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So now once you open a Bluehost account, you will want to pick a niche for your blog/domain name.

So what do you want to talk about?

Traveling? Cooking? Books?

The choice is yours.

Try to pick something that you’re passionate about but there’s also a demand for.

Now the next step is to put yourself on a weekly schedule of how often you are going to post a new article.

I recommend at least once per week.

You can write it yourself, use AI technology or hire a copyrighter.

This is great Chioma, now how does this actually get me to the money?

Don’t worry I’m getting there hehe.

The next step is what you are offering in the blog.

You have a few options here. You can do one or more of the following options.

  1. Join an affiliate program and share it with others as long as it relates to the value of what you are speaking on in the blog and the product is of a real value to your audience.
  2. Tell people about your own products and services.
  3. Offer companies to promote on your page once you get enough traffic to your blog.

Now I don’t recommend just directly selling in your blog, that won’t get you a lot of returning visitors, but also include something that YOU create that is free.

Like an ebook or a video tutorial explaining the benefit of the freebie and you use this to grow your email list.

And then you can build a community inside of your email list and offer them your products and services.

Now I will be honest, it usually takes a lot of work to get people to even NOTICE your blog through just SEO (search engine optimization) and writing only.

You need to actively be sending traffic to your blog.

I recommend using Pinterest to share your blog and then start pushing it on that platform.

A low cost way of doing this is using a tool I recommend called “Tailwind“.

Tailwind is awesome because you can publish your blog post on platform on MULTIPLE boards you create inside Pinterest which will get you so much visibility at a much faster rate.

Here’s an image below of how my Pinterest monthly views grew to monthly views within just 30 days of using the platform.

Starting to make sense? Here’s a visual diagram of this below showing you how this all works.

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