Are You Feminine?

Objective: The core objective of this article is to bring awareness to women who want experience positive outcomes in their relationships, finances, marriages, businesses and more by walking fully into the feminine identity God has proclaimed for their lives.

I am a Nigerian American, which means I was born in Nigeria, 100% Nigerian but grew up most of my life in America. I have been fortunate to have Nigerian culture traditions instilled into me at a young age yet still witness, Black American culture.

One of the core issues I have found especially as a black woman in the United States, is that femininity is a strong issue among-st black woman. The reason why I say this is because majority of us have been taught that we need to be strong, domineering, independent, “hold our own”; all different qualities that many of us felt like we had to acquire in order to survive in America.

In addition, many black women are often force to raise their children single handily, taking on both the role of the father and the mother and not being able to prioritize themselves completely.

Some of the direct outcomes I have seen is the higher ratio of unmarried African American women then any other ethnicity in the United States.

In addition, African American women are three times more likely to experience fibroids.

What are fibroids?

They are benign small growths located along the uterine wall or the female reproductive organs which results in heavier bleeding during menstrual cycles.

Obviously there are scientific and medical reasons for this. I myself am also a registered nurse so I can attest to this. There is also a lot of research which doesn’t have a clear definition of the root cause either.

However, I am also big on spiritual truths and insights which is one of the purposes behind this page, to bring revelation and insight to believers as well as open minded non believers.

And a spiritual cause for fibroids is “damage to the feminine ego”.


That’s interesting.

It’s definitely not a coincidence that a disease process that is three times more likely to affect African American women which is the same population that have to take on many masculine roles to survive, is connected to this spiritual cause.

Now going back to femininity, what does this mean?

Because you may feel that you are feminine because you are a woman who dresses like a woman, maybe wears some makeup and that automatically makes you feminine by I learned even myself that’s not the definition of femininity at all.

Femininity: qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of women. – Wikipedia

What femininity looks like is not depicting or taking on masculine qualities that conflict how you were original created/designed.

Here is a list below of behavioral masculine qualities that any heterosexual woman can present with.

  1. Being domineering
  2. Being controlling
  3. Being loud and aggressive
  4. Always doing
  5. Being angry or associated with being angry often
  6. Always taking the lead
  7. Arguing often

Now here are some feminine qualities that will require a growing process to transition into.

  1. Being soft
  2. A gentle calm, soothing voice
  3. Being playful
  4. Being submissive
  5. An active listener
  6. Being more easily agreeable with yet still able to communicate ones needs
  7. Learning how to use the power suggestion

These are all behavioral qualities, not even anything related to physical appearances.

I would also encourage you to watch my video called, “Are You Feminine?” located here on our Facebook page to give you more understanding.


I hope this was a blessing to you and will encourage you to continue to grow in your feminine journey so you can live the life fully that God has spoken and designed for you.


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