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Nurse Chioma Okeke

Nurse Chioma Okeke is a dynamic women of God. Her faith and ability to minister to others completely sets her apart from many digital marketers. She’s been fortunate to be able to transform the lives of many through her nursing role and has used this as a launching pad to help small businesses today.


She is coaching and empowering small business owners to grow a thriving business online. Through our entity Marketing Strategic Solutions, she successfully helps small businesses how to leverage the online world and become a lead generating marketing magnetic machine. She helps healthcare businesses how to prevent crises by becoming profitable marketing megnets.

The founder of Choosing Nursing is a seasoned Registered Nurse who has started with helping  Graduate Nurses to help them pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). She is a sought-after public speaker with taking the stage as a speaker for both the National Small Business In Nurses Association and the Betty Irene UC Davis School of Nursing.. She was honored as a Diva Ambassador recipient during the Divas of Colour International Women’s Forum in 2016. She landed the No. 37 spot of the Top 60 YouTube Nursing Channels on FeedSpot blogs.

She has been featured on BlackNews.com, Yourblackworld and the Africa Cable Network. Nurse Chioma is deeply impacting the nursing field on a scale bigger than she ever dreamed.

  • Helping hospitals, small business owners, nurse practitioners and more to grow their practice through social media marketing
  • Mentoring nurses who desire to grow their own business
  • Helping nursing graduates pass their NCLEX exam Developing nursing leaders.

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