3 Life Saving Items You Must Keep In Your Home

Recently I watched an episode on the show called, “The Resident” that completely moved me. Without giving the entire out of the episode, the show reflected a real life case scenario of a young pregnant woman who was victim to racism after having a C-section to deliver her second child. The show was a very strong and heart wrenching reminder of how systemic racism including in the healthcare system is hurting the lives of innocent and healthy people.

One of the things I am most passionate about is education. It’s very hard to do something without knowing better. You need the right knowledge and resources to keep you protected. It’s very sad because black women are four more times likely to experience a mortality or easily preventable complications than any other race.

Instead of worrying and being sad about it, your best defense is your offense. You need the right RESOURCES and knowledge to keep yourself protected. Now with the coronavirus on the loose, it is killing FAR more black people than any other race. The good news is that there is some very practical yet simple and life changing things you can do to keep both you and your family alive, healthy and strong in times of crisis as well as stillness.

#1 – Have a Blood Pressure Monitor At Home

Having your own portable blood pressure monitor at home can literally SAVE your life? Did you know that hypertension is the number one leading cause of death in African Americans? It’s known as the silent killer. That’s because a lot of people could have extremely abnormal blood pressure levels but feel NOTHING except a mild headache that leads to their untimely death. Please get a blood pressure monitor ASAP. Keep it your home whenever you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy. If you respond in time and go to the ER, your life could literally be saved. Here is the blood pressure monitor I recommend and personally have used. It’s available on Amazon.

#2- Get An Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Recently a friend shared with me someone who recently died from COVID-19. This person went to work, got exposed and then 3 days later she died. Doctors say that her oxygen levels dropped and she didn’t go to the ER in time. She was also a African American woman. If she had, one of these monitors at home, she could have checked her levels immediately and then responded right away and gone to the ER in time. If you are an at risk group, you NEED a portable oxygen saturation monitor. If your levels drop below 95% and you feel any symptoms, please leave and go to the ER right away. Time is so essential with fighting the virus. You can find one here on Amazon currently for only $18.

#3- Keep a Thermometer

The scary thing about this virus is although it may have the same overall symptoms, not everyone is going to manifest the symptoms in the same way. Some people may first complain of chest pain, some may have shortness of breath and then others may first show sign with a FEVER. Having your own thermometer at home will help you to keep track of you or your loved ones temperature levels in case it spikes. There are different kinds of thermometers available here.

Thank you for reading. This article will be one of many to follow. Make sure to keep an eye out for more articles.

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